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Embrace the wild in a unique feline companionship

About Savannah Heightz

Savannah Heightz is a small in-home cattery based out of Snohomish County; that specializes in producing unique purebreed F1,F3,F4 and F5 Savannah kittens with a wild majestic look of their ancestors. Our cats are bred to maintain and further develop the Savannah breed standard with a direct emphasis on large ears, long legs and a Majestically bold spotted pattern. All of our cats are raised inside our home as a family with our two daughters and dogs. Savannah Heightz cats have the luxury of a large indoor-outdoor enclosure to move freely as they indulge with many toy options to amuse their natural curiosity and wild side. From their enclosures or harness they get to experience the farm life on our Property with our other animals and horses. Our feline companions also enjoy accompanying us on various outdoor travels (parks, mountains, ocean or a simple errand) as they are fully socialized.


Our cats have been hand-picked from some of the most experienced breeders and bloodlines, “Wyldthingz of Northern California” and “Kessavannah of Northwest Illinois” with blood lines of “Wyldthingz, WESA, African Image, Bodicats and Kessavannah. Our cattery is a Felv ( Feline leukemia virus), PKD (Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency) N/N and PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) N/N cattery assuring the priority of producing healthy kittens. Savannah Heightz cats and kittens also receive routine veterinary care from our local licensed veterinarian.

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