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At Savannah Heightz, we truly believe our Studs of the breeding program deserve nothing but the best including living indoors with us! Our studs are unrivaled, with a variety of pedigrees, ages and dispositions. From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all.

African Serval Tahfari

African Serval Tahfari

Tahfari AKA Fari has grown into himself weighing 30 pounds of long, lean and muscular body structure. He is standing a handsome 22.5 inches at the shoulders. Fari has learned how to be a sweet gentleman with everyone in the house ( adults, children, variety of strangers, and many other household pets). He has lots of energy and spunk to his spirit. Fari loves the water and will do anything he can to get neck high into it ( the outdoor pool, garden hose, water bowls, sink or moms bath water). He loves a good game of fetch and cuddles. Fari sleeps with us every night and wakes us to his morning pouncing; followed by head butts and a wet face wash of kisses. He is by far the sweetest Serval we have ever met; even at his young age. Many veterinarians have applauded and continue to applaud us on how well handled and relaxed he is even in unfamiliar environments. Fari was hand raise till 6 weeks old by his breeder located in Southern Oregon until joining our family where we continue to hand raise him. Fari's socialization has ranged from visitors in our home ( infant to elderly), a wide range of house pets, local store visits, and many many long car rides. Fari loves car/ truck rides so much he beats the kids and our dog to the door with his favorite toy the "bawka".


Keep a lookout for our announcement of F1 Kittens if you love this handsome man as much as we do!

F7 Savannah stud Savage


Savage is a F7 SBT Savannah. He loves nothing more than to be held and loved by his humans. He has become especially bonded to our oldest daughter which he sleeps with every night. He will follow and cry for her in the house and Catio if she is out of sight. He genuinely enjoys everyone's company but is very lazy at play. Savage is the cat whom is content just snuggling in your lap and being held for hours. He is huge on bedtime cuddles and knows the bedtime routine in the house as he takes the kids to bed each night. He loves to engage with all visitors of any age. He is better than any stud cat we dreamed to own for our small in-home cattery.

F7 Savannah stud Murambi

Murambi AKA "Rumbi"

Murambi a F7 SBT Savannah. He loves nothing more than to be held and loved by his humans especially kids! He loves to run on the wheel and tell you all about his workout. Murambi is a very talkative and vocal boy. Wand toys and interactive toys are a favorite. Murambi is content just snuggling in your lap and being held for hours. He loved to hangout with the ladies and cuddle. he is such a sweet and gentle boy. 

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