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At Savannah Heightz, we pride ourselves on providing excellent and transparent service.

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*F4 SBT Brown Spotted Male Zyaire*

If you're looking for a competent, knowledgeable, caring Savannah Cat breeder look no further! From the first point of contact with Makala, She was very prompt with many questions we had. She provided well organized documentation of all her kitties medical history as well as copies of pedigrees. She was willing to listen and ease our tensions to concerns or issues we had. We absolutely love our new F3C Female Nakia and F4SBT Male Zyaire. They have such an amazing personality. I highly recommend a new Savannah Cat owner!


When I first learned that there was a breeder near me that had Savanna cats, I was so excited. My husband and I had been talking for years on getting a kitty like that. But we had so many questions. So I asked my niece if she would have Makala contact me at her earliest convenience (she is the one who told me about her). She text me that night.

I told her that we had been thinking about these cats for a long time, but we had so many questions and wondered if we could see the cats and get some much needed information. She told me absolutely and we scheduled to go to her home that weekend. My husband and I had no idea what to expect. Boy we were so surprised!

At the first moment they welcomed us in and the cats were running about having a great time. We asked her so many questions, we pet the kittens, met the breeding mommas, the papa of the last litter and their beautiful new addition, the African Serval. With that many cats, you would think it was utter chaos, but it wasn’t. The cats were all healthy and happy. Makala made sure to reiterate that these babies are not just pets, they are family, albeit like toddlers all the time lol, but not show pieces.

That was so important to me. I have had 4 kitties in my life the last 25 years and 2 of them are still with me, their health and happiness is important to me and it was important to Makala too. I told her that we weren’t quite ready for a new kitty. As our oldest was 17, but that we would be in a few years and asked if I could keep her info for when we were ready to add one of these little beauties to our home. She said yes and we left.

My husband and I talked about it for about a week and then I text asking if she still had that last little guy or not. She told me she had been waiting for us to call and definitely he was still there waiting for us. We picked him up on New Year’s Day and we are so happy.

He has settled in quite well, he came with toys and papers and good health. My cats already ate the same type of food, so that was great too. I would highly recommend getting a beautiful cat from Makala and her family. You can see the love they have for these little loves. She asks about him every 10 days or so.

When we are ready to add more to our family, we will definitely be coming back to Savanna Heightz and you should too!


F1A Brown Spotted Male - Teddy
- Jessiee Brunner

Makala is a highly regarded breeder. I was referred to her by another breeder as my heart was set on an F1, and when I saw a picture of (Now Known As) Teddy, my heart was set on HIM. From the very first call, I knew I found the breeder and Savannah for me. While we waited for Teddy to be old enough to join our family, I received almost daily, and sometimes more than that, updates with pictures. I didn’t miss out on anything while he grew. When the time came, Makala herself brought Teddy to me. He came to us happy, healthy and very well socialized. I’ve kept in touch with Makala with questions, but also simply because it’s so obvious how much she loves these cats, that it just feels right to keep her updated.

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*F4 SBT Brown Spotted Male Safari* JENNIFER NOU

From the beginning of the process and throughout our new kitten’s growth, Makala has been amazing to work with! She is very knowledgeable, caring and helpful with the whole process.

Our new baby arrived safely, and was brought to us with extra love and care from the flight nanny. He arrived with his food, his favorite toys, blanket and all necessary documents and papers. We are so grateful to have our baby in our lives. Thank you so Makala much for everything! Highly recommend!!

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Our babies are doing so great! I can’t Imagine life without them. They bring us great joy. Thank you so much Savannah Heightz

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*F4 SBT Melanistic Female Duchess*

I bought an F4 Savannah cat from these guys, and it was a great experience. This kitten is wonderfully socialized, no doubt because of the excellent care and handing by everyone. Makala with Savannah Heightz has been fantastic to work with. I know I will be able to count on her in the future to help with any issues or questions I might have. I would strongly recommend getting your next fur baby from these folks.


*F4 SBT Brown Spotted Male Morris*

Just a short write up on how satisfied we are with our Savannah. Makala brought the most adorable boy to the airport. This shows how important the cats wellbeing is to her and only hints at the excellence of her work. I brought him to an area for him to get acclimated to his new home. Instead of staying in the open carrier or hiding, he came out looked up at me and climbed up my leg, body and alighted on my shoulder. It was love. We have another cat in the house, a Russian Blue. We were very concerned that the energetic Savannah and the settled in Blue would have a territorial clash and just hid from each other or worse fight. However, the disposition of the Savannah, which can only come from good pairing and a wholesome infancy, is just super friendly and playful no malice or unwanted aggression. They now play and play they do. Also, he has taken well to the harness. We now take him on walks where he plays in the sand by the lake and stalks birds and rabbits. He did once try to eat a bee, quickly dancing and being surprised. just like a kid he had to try once more, lol. We will be returning customers!

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