Savannah Heightz Queens

Wyldthingz TeFiti - F2B SST Queen

TeFiti is unique for a F2B Savannah. She genuinely enjoys being held and is the first to non-stop play. She will headbutt and give kisses to anyone. She is the first to explore any new enrichments they are given. TeFiti is the center of attention and or will make herself be. She is huge on bedtime cuddles and being up under the covers with anyone whom has a blanket. She loves to play and engage with all visitors of any age. She is far from shy and merely a cat version of a 2 year old getting INTO, ONTO or under EVERYTHING. 

Kessavannah Keeta -F3C BST Queen

Keeta is a F3C Savannah whom has a very free Spirit. She is one of our sweetest girls and melts like butter but is a "on her terms" kinda Savannah. She does not enjoy being held for long periods of time but will trade that for short pet strokes and allowing her to be a muffin maker with a loud motor at night. Everything Keeta does is on her terms. Keeta has a Stamina to play like no other cat; She will play till she drops over panting as she takes competitively to catch things. Keeta likes to engage with all visitors of any age as long as they don't attempt holding her for long. She has legs for days that let her fly across any room. 

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