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At Savannah Heightz Cattery, we truly believe our Queens of the breeding program deserve nothing but the best including living indoors with us! Our Queens are unrivaled, with a variety of pedigrees, ages and dispositions. From calm and cuddly to energized and playful, we have it all.

Queen Kya


Kya is one of our largest independent beauties! She enjoys occasional butt scratches and affection. She is curious of any new wand toy. Kya loves her independent space to run and play. Most of all she loves to sunbathe and watch everything happen around her. Any toy which flies and moves she wants to catch; when chasing the laser she will fly up the walls to get it. 

Image 3-8-22 at 5.15 PM.jpg

Queen Sisu


Sisu is our beautiful queen with a uniquely brown shade color eyes. Her eyes are one if the first things to catch your attention. She has long legs and body,  triangular face, hooded eyes, fantastic ocelli ears and long wide black nose. She is very Sultry looking. SiSu is a very strong-willed independent lady who take charge. You will wake to her sleeping guard at your feet as if she was a dog. Fetch is a favorite game of hers. She loves affection, chin scratches and butt scratches. SiSu loves to sunbathe but enjoys most of her time voluntarily in the highest tree of the house; and in the secure 20' x 30' outdoor cattio equipped with swings, shelves, swimming pool, granite slabs, and a plethora of enrichment toys.

Queen Keeta


Keeta is a F3C Savannah who has a very free playful spirit. She is one of our sweetest girls and melts like butter but is an "on her terms" kind of Savannah. This can be a very typical trait of early generation Savannah's. She is the mommy of all things in our cattery. She loves all babies and even co-parents with other queens; when she gets the chance to do so. She does not enjoy being held for long periods of time but will trade that for short pet strokes and allowing her to be a muffin maker (blanket kneading) with a loud motor at night. Everything Keeta does is on her terms and pace. Keeta has a stamina to play like no other cat; She will play till she drops over panting as she takes competitively to catch things. Keeta likes to engage with all visitors of any age if they don't attempt to force being held for long. She has legs for days that let her fly across any room at any moment of play.


Queen Raya


Raya is our homebred F3C queen who has a very free playful spirit. She has legs for days, triangular face, amazing ocelli ears, tall ears with a wide base but closely set ears, beautiful hooded eyes, and long wide nose like her serval ancestors. Raya has her momma Sisu's uniquely brown eyes. She is so sweetest, cuddly and spirited. Raya melts like butter as soon as you touch her and give her all the affection. Raya will sleep next to you all night and even claim your pillow. She loves to run around finding anything she can turn into a toy. Miss Raya is so smart she opens doors and cupboards. She plays for hours and hours with no stop! Her stamina to play is like no other. Raya likes to engage with all visitors of any age.

Queen RaFiki


Fiki is a sweet green eyed girl who loves to be in your space. Belly rubs, chin scratches, cuddles and being held like a baby is always welcome. Fiki loves to cuddle and kneading muffins in your lap. She loves to watch everything happen around her; but must be involved in it all. Fiki loves to be in the top of the tree or in a stealthy spot to pounce playfully with the other cats. This girl has all the hops and flips to keep you entertained. Fiki loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING! 

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